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The Living World Wrestling Entertainment Legend, Ric Flair

Ric Flair is probably among the best professional wrestlers in the world. He is widely known as the 'Nature Boy.' Flair is also a sixteen-time world champion since he has won NWA eight times, the WCW six times and WWE two times. He is hated and liked by fans from all over the world.Click more about to get info on Ric Flair. His legacy and legends have genuinely left a significant influence on the professional wrestling today.

On the 25th of February, 1949, Ric Flair was brought to this earth in Memphis, Tennessee. As a young countryman, Flair moved around the country from Minnesota, Edina to Beaver Dam, and Wisconsin. Before Ric becoming a professional wrestler, he did odd jobs such as working as a lifeguard saver at a local swimming pool. He also worked as a bouncer at various clubs in his city. It was not until he won a state private school wrestling tournament that he was recruited to the University of Minnesota. Flair, however, quit after a couple of weeks after meeting the then Olympic weightlifter champion, Ken Patera. Ken introduced him to the director of Verne Gagne Wrestling School, Verne Gagne.

Most of us remember Flair due to his stylish bleached bold golden hair, his slick wrestling style, and his handsomely looking figure. What we don't know is that he was the opposite of that in the 70s. During the days, he was a mighty wrestler who weighed over 300 pounds, and he had short brown hair. Nonetheless, he could draw the attention of fans with his ring endurance and charismatic personality.

After working with Verne Gagne for some time, he left them to join the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) of Jim Crockett. Flair's career was almost brought to a premature death when he was involved in a serious plane crash in Wilmington, North Carolina. He broke a few bones, and his medics advised him never to wrestle again. To get more info, click Ric Flair. He, however, defied all odds by working out hard, and he was back in the ring in under a year. The sustained injuries forced him to change some of his fighting tactics.

After nicknaming himself 'the Nature Boy' in 1978, he created a rivalry with the original mastermind of the name, Buddy Rogers. Flair won numerous titles with the NWA defeating other heavyweights in the process. In the process, he helped create the famous group, Four Horseman, in 1985.

Jim Crockett then left NWA to start the WCW where he built his promotion around Ric Flair. A petty dispute made Jim Rocket to once again move from WCW to WWE of Vince McMahon. He brought Flair with him to WWE where he won the Royal Rumble by defeating several superstars. Flair then retired from the game at the turn of the millennium and later returned to the ring as an on-camera co-owner of the firm.Learn more from

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